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Clutch for utv

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I am not formula  with this brand.Dose it have a chery engine.Is it a 5 speed or CVT clutch.We have the best clutch for all Chery engines.Let me know. Chery do you have 3 or 4 cylinder engines.


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the engine is a CFMOTO with a serial number 96s b 3a 291043 any help would be appreciated

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    • By Travis
      Hi, all, I am here to say i have found an excellent source for kawasaki parts, It's run by  Eddie Babbit. It is called Kawasaki Partshouse. run by Babbits online, Muskegon Michigan. http://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts
      Just the other day i ordered piston rings, for my Mule 550, They got here and a Oil ring, and smaller ring were missing from the box, Kawasaki took responsibility for the "Accident" and  I had also contacted babbits, and they replied and they said" keep the old rings, order a new set and you just pay shipping" so i got $30 piston rings for 8.95!!!? Free shipping on orders over $50!!!
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    • By eat2much
      I am looking for a 4 seat UTV that is inexpensive  -  that is designed for fun but also designed for some work when needed. I have narrowed it down to the following options:
      1: Can Am Commander
      2: Joyner Trooper
      3: Joyner Renegade.
      Can anyone tell me how I could sit in any of options 2-3? There are not many dealers in my area (York, PA) and I don't know anyone that owns one - I can't even find anyone trying to sell one. For me, this is a big deal because I am 6'2" and fitting in a UTV with out feeling cramped is already difficult - I have already ruled out the Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Honda Talon, and Yamaha Wolverine. The Can Am Commander is my number one option at this point because I had the best driving position in it. I also felt a Yamaha YXZ was reasonably comfortable; however, they don't make a 4 seat version. Can anyone give me their perspective on how roomy the Joyners are compared to what I have already sat in?
      Where do you find enclosures for the Trooper and Renegade? I have seen people who post having them; however, I can't seem to find who makes them.
    • By eat2much
      My UTV purchase decision has been complicated by sitting in a Kawasaki Teryx 4 which adequately fits a tall person like me. As stated before, finding a UTV that can fit someone of my stature is difficult and the only one that can do it to date is the Can Am Commander -  the other option I am considering. Please note this vehicle will be used for some utility in addition to taking it out on trails. I am looking to spend between 10-15K on this vehicle.
      Question 1: Between the Commander and Teryx, which would you choose? The Teryx seems to be a little more capable on trails based on what I have researched. Some here will be quick to point out the locking front differential; but honestly, this doesn't bother me as the Torq Locker can be had for the Commander for around 400 dollars to help remedy this. Then there is the wheelbase. I have a friend who rides local trails here and says the shorter wheelbase is more important - he doesn't even think I should consider a four seater. Being a family man, having a 4 seater is very important as I don't have the money for two separate vehicles. I have researched what others have to say about wheelbase and this seems to be a personal preference. Yes - you get high centered with a longer wheelbase; however, a longer wheelbase can be an advantage when climbing a hill for example. Plenty of people ride these trails in RZR 4 and other such vehicles with long wheelbases. Then there is value. The Commander has better power, a better ride, a better price, better rear bed; and, the only place the Teryx 4 is superior is in build quality and off-road performance. I have limited experience on trails around here (Northeast US); so, I thought I would get some additional feedback here. For the money, which would you choose? Any opinion is appreciated based on what you have observed. As a side note, I have tried a Yamaha Wolverine and am too big for it.
      Question 2: I have only been able to sit in a 2 seat Commander as inventory is limited around where I live. I may have to order one brand new and have it shipped to a dealer. Having said that, those of you who have sat in a 4 seat Commander, how did you find the rear seats? I would prefer if the seats are able to fit a normal sized adult in comfort.
      Thanks for your help.
    • By kids250strike
      Hello, I need to replace the front plastic grill and fender flare on my kids Strike 250, I have had no luck finding them anywhere.  Anybody know of any new or used for sale?
      (kids got in a head on collision with a RZR 170)

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