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Trooper 1100 fuel pressure


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Ok thank you. Have another question you might could help me with. I bought a 25$ adjustable fuel pressure gauge to swap mine out with because it wouldn't hold but 20psi and wound send the rest to the tank. I put this new one on and it wouldn't really adjust or hold the same constant pressure it with between 60 or 80 then will just drop to 10 or 20. Would anything else cause this or just another bad regulator?

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I have used Team Joyner and now Joyner USA so i have been selling parts for about 15 years.I have found that you can get a better price from [email protected] Eric is a good guy and will almost always have a better price.Forget the 5% lower price.That just sales talk! Eric will give you the best price that what i have found.Are prices our vary good to and we only sell Chery Parts.We are working with China on some outer c/v joints.So you can replace just the outer joint.Not the Up grade kit.For some its going to work out better for a lot less money.They Up grade is good but if you don't want to invest 600 dollors

On a 3,500 Joyner 600.00 is a lot of money.The outer joint sell for 105.ea or a pair for 200.00


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Most of the times, the regulator was set up wrong. The lines should be on correct order. Mine regulator (ebay 20€) worked fine for 2 years.

fuel cell - line - t-adapter to fuel rail - regulator - line to fuel cell

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