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Joyner,Renli,Sand Reeper and any Chery Engine,LJ276 2 cylinder

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We are starting to do Rebuilt,Engines Chery and the 2 cylinder 650cc. We do a complete Rebuilt Engines.Comes with all new parts.Including Rings, Pistons,Main bearings,Rod bearings.Complete Overhaul to better than Stock Specification.Includes all merchine shop work.1 year warranty

650 cc  1,900.Must be stander bore

800 cc  2,295  Can be .050 rings

1100 cc 2,699  Can be .050 rings

You will need a good core.

Call for more information.We sell all Chery parts.And the best price on overhaul kits.

SQR372 ENGINE -4.jpg

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