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2008 Commando 650 issues


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Hi all . new here , and from manitoba canada

just traded a skidoo for a 2008 commando 650

had some issues but overall not bad

problem i have is it was running and then just quit ...

now i have zero digital led cluster , it flickers for a second when ya turn key on then goes off and stays off .

no power to radio any more either ...

i have a lightbar hooked up and switches on and off ,because its wired direct i suppose ,  i have had battery charger on unit charging battery also , which dont make a difference ,

i went today and bought 2 new relays and put them in , no change ..

i have like zero power going out it seems ... the digital dash will not stay lit up , no cranking over of any sorts , no fuel pump noise , not sure if it suppose to make noise or not , ...

i have found random fuses 2 to be exact and replaced them and they werent burnt , and still no change ...

it seems to be a wiring nightmare under passenger seat , someone made a mess of wiring , i have disconnected winch and misc stuff ...

any idea what would be going on ,, like i dont understand why the digital cluster would light for a split second and then go off .

i have attached 2 pictures because i am unsure of what these 2 objects are in the pictures ..

any help is greatly appreciated ....

1 more thing to add , the clutch cable is broken i have new one , just havent replaced it yet , would there be a sensor or something so it knows whether clutch is engaged or not top start as a safety feature ?

it had started in gear before when i picked it up from previous owner so im thinking no , but unsure , so i  will ask here ..

any help is greatly appreciated ...


super frustrating ...



i can take more pictures if required also ..




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The 2 pictures are signal flasher with pig tail and the other is voltage reg.The first thing to do is call me.It is 2 complicated to explane buy  email.

I will walk you through it.call me so you can interact with me what problems it could be  928 344 2117.I now they want me to use email.But to many things it could be. After we solve this i will explain.On the utv board

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when I turn key backwards as.per accessory   the oil light is on and.stays on  but never no matter what do.i get.a lit up digital gauge...maybe a flicker of the gauge for a split second but that's about it  I haven't called yet because I haven't had time and still too cold outside to work on it    

nobody around here has heard of.joyner and I am lost with this thing  

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