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Utah Areas where I ride

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:rolleyes: I live in central Utah county, Utah, and I love the trails around Currant Creek and recently found some south of Strawberry reservoir and plan to do some more exploring in that area. I've been the Paiute trials and I need to do some exploring there also, and we have the Little Sahara Dunes by Delta.

I have my photos posted at http://community.webshots.com/user/kinarfi

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I didnt know that you could get UTV's in that area. I'll have to try it one day and see what its like. Are the trails wide?

I assume your talking about Currant Creek, there are some beautiful trails up there and some closed to atv road also, I got my trooper licensed and plan to go up there several time this year. It's just beautiful and green and cool and mountains, but you need to respect the land so we don't get the boot.


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If you ride the Paiute Trail be sure and have the Paiute Trail map, some trails don't say no UTV's but they are closed. Even if there are no signs you are responsible to know if they are open to UTV and or ATV use before going on them. If you are caught on a closed trail you can be ticketed. Just FYI. We found out last year about that little known fact, luckily we didn't get a ticket.


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