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Finding Gas Shocks for front Struts impossible??????

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I've got a trail master sxs by American Sportworks and they will not sell me a basic gas shock for the front strut.

The shock is a straight forward 1 1/2" diameter tube.  

Where can i buy just the shock? The shock and strut together are $350 US OUCH!!!!

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Dealer here can't get one, company says must be whole strut assy. only, and now told out of stock for left front, no longer made since the vehicle is 7 years old. Previous to this the company sent the wrong shock, the rear one when it clearly was written in the order "front' 

Poor to no company supporst from Landmaster. Last I ordered parts they sent the wrong ball joints though I modified them to work since I didn't want to spend another $40 in UPS charges.


Though they claim US made I'm told these are Chinese parts that are obsolete after just a few years. If you plan on keeping one don't.

No one will match up a gas shock to it.  Gets rediculous.   Now it's been a month and a half without being able yo use my 4 wheeler.

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I see I made a mistake in the naming of the beast, it's a "Trail Wagon" by Sportworks, now Landmaster, and rides like one.  The shocks have no bottom mount and have a threaded piston that secures a spring cup and retaining nut above.

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Already tried Landmaster, no left side available as they do not sell the shock alone. Seems everyone who owns on their  shocks have failed and bought them out probably years ago since mine has few miles on it.

No dealer wants to sell me a shock that is similar, they want the model # etc.  The strut will clamp onto any 1 1/2" diameter tube.

Strange no one has cross referenced this shock, not even Landmaster, just let owners struggle to find parts.

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I'm told by dealers that China made and other off shore parts are not made past 4-5 years so 6 year old UTV you can't get most parts. Basically soon as a new model supersedes an older one parts become scarce. All the BS of this wagon being American made is BS, only American assembled, probably comes out of a shipping container with Chinese written on it. I don't think I'm being harsh since they don't support their UTV's like they advertise.  The only part that they did send me that was correct was the CV and U joint shaft for the front 4wd. These fall apart, actually snap the axle as a ball joint did, snap at the ball and shaft. Maybe 5/8" diameter shaft? Not enough to match the engines power.

Not supplying any part numbers from other parts that could work is trying to force you to buy another (and not theirs) but by a company that stands by their product. So I did, I bought a Polaris and soon as I find a shock I'm putting it back together and selling the Trail Wagon.

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makes me wonder why Landmaster won't cross reference parts for their older UTV's. Their price (if they had one) included the strut as an assembly, not just the shock for $380. The shock itself lists for $149 Can. I got a deal on it.  Now I only need a spring compressor to shorten things up to install it.

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I find that any company that doesn't support its product that's under 10 years old won't sell so many in future. Bad press never good.

After waiting 2 months to find a shock I won't let lack of parts or lack of cross referenced parts keep my UTV grounded. I bought  Polaris because I know the company supports it. The Sportworks is a good UTV except for ride quality. I'm selling it so I'm not :grounded" month after month waiting to find parts.

The company did have front U joints with axle and CV joint as a unit, just over $100 and you'll need those as they snap.  Make its drivetrain parts stronger and fix the ride quality and you'd have a great UTV.

True Landmaster products sell for less but you get what you pay for. 

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