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  1. Go to any dealership that sells made in America utvs and ask their parts guy about availability of parts from "assembled in America" utvs. They have had plenty of people trying to match up parts that they cannot match. I had to remove the hardness on a strut to machine down the diameter and re thread it. Then heat it and quench to bring back its hardness. A lot of work because parts are not available 5 years later.
  2. I found with my happily now sold Sportworks, now Landmaster that these uts are maybe assembled in the US but parts are sourced from Venezuela, China etc. After about 5 years parts become unavailable. Pay a bit more and do not buy any "assembled in America" utes. Polaris etc. you will always be able to source parts. Soon as a gas strut goes which buggers your steering etc, cannot be sourced your utv is worthless. Yes other utv shocks do not have the same threads and ends that are required. Also these "assembled in America" U joints for the 4 wheel drive tend to break easily when stressed.
  3. YUP 4 sure. Travis you have smart people, just more of them has to vote every election and you'll never see the democrats again! Trump bashing is done because foreign countries are paying them to. Corruption, kickbacks is at the core of their criminal activities. Look how much the Clinton foundation had to give back. Trump can't be bought so he's not working for foreign interests like Hillary was and is. There are always foreigners trying to destroy the west, this will never stop until be bury all of those muzzies.
  4. found the leak. Should have done this first (as usual). I overinflated the tire and heard the air leak. I've never seen a small piece of crushed limestone puncture a tire before but there it was a small knife tipped shaped piece of limestone stuck into the tire. What are the odds????


    thought you'd like this. Paint one on your UTV!!!

    1. Travis


      Heck YEAH!!!! Move over gmanlv :)   

    2. Willy M

      Willy M

      thought you'd like it. It's about time people took a stand at what they believe in and not allow their govt to wimp out to please pathetic whiners.

    3. Travis


      He!! YEAH!!! :)   Your welcome to move to the US, we need another smart person!

  6. Just saw Kenfains post. I tried the soapy water but it was a windy day so didn't work well. I always spit over the valve to see if it's leaking and for good measure replaced the core. It's a slow leak, I may well use Travis suggestion of stop leak even though it can unbalance a tire somewhat. So far I've been chasing my tail trying to find the leak. The Polaris doesn't have 15 hours on it yet. I forget that even new vehicles can have problems, ones even more annoying then regular wear issues. It still bothers me that the valve stems can be easily rotated in the rim. Anyone else have valves that rotate but don't lose air??
  7. no jumps, installing port injection, the carb just won't work right.
  8. 68 Charger
  9. a friend of mine has a General Lee clone car with the flag on the roof.
  10. what's the rumor? did't see the above posts, some reason the site didnt tell me
  11. I've heard many that seem to be true
  12. no country has ever remained as it is, always change. I'm sure in future separations are inevitable. Money drives everything.
  13. don't kid yourself many here would like to escape from Lib. hell. Canada will break up if this crap up here continues
  14. all we need now it Trudope strapped in a UTV with a rocket pack jumping the Grand Canyon. He's so full of himself I bet he'd try it, once lol
  15. and Canadians have a poster boy narcissist. Only in a nightmare did I ever think he could get elected. Of course the Liberal leader race had the winning candidate step down, I bet a lot of $$$ was paid to him to do this. Second place Trudeau got it. All he cares about is selfies and being noticed. I can't help but think what other world leaders think of this maniac.