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  1. Travis breathe, you're not venting!
  2. If you plan on keeping your UTV past 5 years then buy a well known brand. Do not buy from Home Depot and others that sell no name or unknown name UTV's. Why, because they do not stock parts past about 5 years. If you look closely they source cheaper parts from several manufacturers. Stating "assembled in the USA" means only the parts have been bolted together. I had a serious problem after 5 years the gas shocks lost their gas on two. Steering/handling so bad you could not use it. No where could you find shocks that fit the mounts. I sold it at a huge loss. Now with a new Polaris I c
  3. Great job! I've used Sea Foam in the gas tank, let it run for an hour or so, cleans the garbage out. I've heard of mechanics doing this and then charging for tuneups.
  4. could be a faulty solenoid. When it does not start tap the solenoid with a hammer and if it starts you know what to replace.
  5. Always test drive 4 wheelers on uneven ground, not pavement. You will know the ride quality only when taken off road on bumpy ground, Polaris to my knowledge has very smooth ride with good suspension. The first 4 wheeler I bought I only drove it on the paved lot, what a mistake, the worst off road ride and you could not drive faster than walking or you'd hit your head on the roof the suspension was so stiff. The thing beat you up when you drove it.
  6. You would have to google local auctions and keep looking until something comes up at auction. You can enter search terms and online auction sites email you when a 4 wheeler or anything you are looking for comes up in local auctions or auctions in a wider search area.
  7. Auctions are a good source for used and many have very low mileage on them. Why pay dealer prices? I had bought a new Polaris Ranger and 3 months later a 3 year old 1000cc Polaris with under 200 miles sold for less than my 500 ranger.
  8. couldn't resist! Do you have a fuel filter on this model? Could be clogged. Also any small crack in a fuel line can do bad things. Does the engine have points and condenser or the newer electronics?
  9. Tie a carrot to a long stick and hold out in front of the Mule, should go forward then. It's worked in the past!
  10. If you have coolant in the oil you need a rebuild, no telling how long it ran with poor to no lubrication.
  11. I agree not worth it, save covers for bbq's. Build a lean-to or keep in a garage. I've hunted deer in a stand with my Polaris beside the tree and a buck walked right past it within a few feet. The deer didn't seem to mind that there was no camo cover on it. A surplus camo net works if you need to hide your machine.
  12. with rust and a bit of wear the shoe seats deeper and catches on the lip of the drum which is not there when new. Once off can knock off the corrosion and finish with a fine file or wire brush.
  13. sometimes a drum can get a rusty ridge that catches on the brake shoe. Back off the shoes or just wrestle with it and it may come off.
  14. Once that's done you'll have much more fun with the accelerator!!!!!no brakes required..............
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