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    • front axle for kubota rtv 900 2000 model

      Hello, I’m writing this because I desperately need some assistance with front axle for kubota rtv 900 2000 model. My stepfather told me his two front axles of his  kubota rtv broken separately yesterday and he couldn't distinguish which is for left or right. Are left and right front cv axles the same on a 2000 kubota rtv 900 4x4 ? And what's the cost of kubota rtv 900 axles ? I don't learn much about kubota rtv and hope someone tell me. Thank you.

      By matt wichert, in Kubota UTV RTV Forum

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    • 2000 Kawasaki Mule 2510 4X4 Diesel Question

      Recently bought this machine. My brother has had the same exact one for about 5 years now and i loved it so i got my own. I got a good deal on it. took it to the lease this past weekend after replacing the cvt belt, cvt filter, air filter and fuel filter. just to start fresh. Well now when i am going in high i can not get above 13 miles an hour or so and it sounds like it is bogging down. When i am floored it i can hear an occasional almost like backfire inside the muffler but it is not very load just short bursts. I have a service manual on order but i am hoping someone here may have encountered this issue before and knew the remedy. Also i can not be certain but i am pretty sure that i am using much more diesel to get around the lease than i did in my brothers for driving the same distance around. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

      By Chetter818, in Kawasaki UTV SxS Forum

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    • 2000 mule 2510 4x4 diesal problems

      I am having a really weird issue with my mule. So it is at my deer lease and stays down there year round and gets used only on the weekends. The issue I have is when I get there on Friday I start it and run it Friday evening and Saturday with 0 issues. Sunday it starts slow and runs fine initially then in a matter of minutes it starts crawling even when floored I think it is a fuel issue of some sort but the thing I can't understand is why does it run fine for a day and a half then all of a sudden it runs like crap dragging and not wanting to go anywhere. Then park it and let it sit until the next Friday then it is fine again. Anyone got any ideas.

      By Ricochet, in Kawasaki UTV SxS Forum

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    • Joyner units on sale!! $2000 instant manufacture rebate


      Joyner introduced its first side by side in 2005 and continues to offer the best, ''bang for your buck'' buggy out there. We offer several models to suit you needs and all of our units come with a 1-year factory warranty. They are assembled and inspected by our certified Joyner technician, right here in Phoenix, AZ. We are located on 16th st and Broadway and encourage you to come down and take a test drive today. Call with any questions you may have or to check the price on shipping right to your door. 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc  $7500 2016 Renegade 4x4 1100cc  $8500(2-seat model) 2016 Renegade 4x4 1100cc  $9500(4-seat) ALL 2016 MODELS COME STANDARD WITH LUXURY RESERVOIR SHOCKS AND lED LIGHT BARS

      By JoynerUSA, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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