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Quite Day


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I'm here now, where'd ya go? :huh:

The grandkids came over for a short visit so we were out watching them run around the yard. Tayden likes to climb the big tree luckily he can't get to high yet. The little ones went to the pumpkin patch today, they not only sell pumpkins they have all kinds of things to keep the little ones entertained so they wanted to tell us about their adventures.

Tyler is spending the night but he'll be going to birthday party tomorrow so our time will be split up with him this week-end, next week-end is his big seventh birthday. His Mom has lots of things planned for him to do with his friends and a family party Sunday evening. They grow up so fast.

We have a picture taken in front of our home with our oldest son when he was a year old sitting in front of his Dad on the motorcycle. That was over thirty years ago and it still seems like yesterday.

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