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Do Adults Use the Hisun 250's?


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I am brand new to UTVing and never owned one before.  As a starter, I'm thinking of buying a Hisun 250 for several reasons.  First, it will exist in my existing cargo trailer and also in my garage.  Secondly, I'm contemplating just light trail riding on narrow trails so the 250's width would be ideal.

I'm only 5'7" but weigh nearly 200lbs (no diet advice please ?) so I'm wondering how a 250 would do both for fit and for power.  It seems almost everyone who discusses a 250 does in the context of kids.

Also,any thoughts of whether a Hisun Scout 250 is any better than a Strike?  As I said, I'm not planning on pushing the unit --just want to get out into the woods and desert.

Thanks a heap

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The 250 is like 5.000, Plus the max cargo bed weight is 50 pounds, and only has a 3 gallon fuel capacity.

If i were you, for about 1,500 more, I'd go with the Kawasaki Mule 610.

  • 401cc air-cooled, four-stroke
  • Selectable 2WD or 4WD with dual-mode rear differential
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) w/ HI/LO ranges
  • Capable of hauling up to 400 lbs. (steel cargo bed) and towing 1,100 lbs.
  • A tight 10.8-foot turning radius for easy maneuvering
  • Backed by the industry leading Kawasaki Strong 3-Year Limited Warranty

Also the mule has a 4 and 1/4 gas tank, and 2 wd or 4wd. For 1,500 more id do it, but im sure u have different financial situation than me,

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Gotta agree w. you that the Kawasaki is an all around better unit and value.  My problem isn't lack of funds to buy one, it's lack of space to store it.  My subdivision doesn't allow anything parked outside except 1 car.  So that means putting the UTV in the garage and the car outside in this wretched Arizona sun and heat ? or in a cargo trailer  I have a cargo trailer but its bed to ceiling height is only 66: - too short for the Mule or any "full" size UTV to fit in unless I remove the roll cage, which might be a pain every time I want to take transport it.

So I've been looking at Hisun 250's (both the Sector and the Strike), Trailmaster 300 and BMS Sniper 350. Of all these, I like the Sector the best . However, all 3 are short enough and narrow enough to fit in my 5X10 trailer.  Of course, I could buy another trailer; but thought I'd ease into UTVing and see how I like it.  Later I can move up in size for the UTV and trailer.

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Well it's possible I could fit both UTV & car into garage (subdivision won't permit UTV in drive), but my trailer is not big enough for a full or mid-sized UTV. By the way Travis, Hisun 250'sector list for about  $4.8k. Not many used ones around. 

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