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Hisun Sector 750


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I'm new to the forum and live in Idaho.  It's getting colder, so I'm curious if anyone has installed a cab heater in their Hisun? I went to the dealer and they want $800 bucks and maybe more so I ordered a hot rod heater from Summit Racing. Thought I would see if anyone has experience they might share before I begin.



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Hi Nativespud. 

What kind of heater did you install on your Sector? 

I installed a generic hot rod heater from Summit Racing for $150.00 and it works very well.   It even defrosts the windshield and door windows without tubes being routed to the windshield.  By running the coolant through the radiator as well as the heater core it keeps the engine running cooler than normal.   It easily warms my cab, but would do a better job if I put a shut-off valve in front of the radiator.  That would allow the motor to heat up a little more.  I think running only the heater core helps cool the engine a lot as well so there should be no concerns about the engine overheating and causing problems.

Thanks for the reply...


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