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Opinions of various UTV brands/models?


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Hello everyone,

I'm doing a study on the side-by-side/UTV market and I'm interested in your opinions. It's extremely quick and anonymous and I’d be happy to share the results with the community.

Also, as a small token of my appreciation I will be having a drawing among respondents for a $50 VISA giftcard for those interested. It's not much but the most we can offer as a two person team.

Questionnaire Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ORV17frm

The research isn't for any of these companies, I am just curious to see the opinion of the brands and new models. Thank you very much for your help!

Also, if you are interested in seeing the results from our previous report they are at the link below. However, please read it after answering the current questions, so as not to color your responses. Thank you!

Previous Report: https://www.scribd.com/document/363382543/ORV-Consumer-Survey-Fall-2016

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2 years ago i got a cub cadet challenger 700 (hisun), for christmas.Came fully loaded and camo colored.After having it for 30 days found an oil leak from where the drive shaft comes out the rear of the motor (3 miles on it).It was in the shop for 7 weeks.Cub Cadet is very slow shipping parts out.The shop told me CC ships once a month to them.At 8 miles the same oil seal was leaking again.Another 6 weeks in the shop.This time it was fixed real good,not another problem there.Called CC and complained and they extended the warrante 6 months.Then at less than 9 miles a seal on the side of the diffy was leaking oil.Back to the shop for 8 weeks.After the break in of the motor ,there is a big difference in performance.great machine just bad customer service from cub cadet.The repair shop said thats why they stay away from cub cadet.For questions i call hisun s office in so calif.They even sent me a repair manual for free


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Done taking the survey, in 2015 after much research I bought a Kymco 450i UTV. After 22 months and 800 miles I am happy to say it has been an awesome machine.  No problems, they have one of the lowest number of complaints per 100 machines manufactured of any brand. If anyone is in the market for a side x side do yourself a favor and look at the Kymco lineup.

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