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  1. Not sure what your budget might be, but two yrs back I was also shopping for a smaller UTV. After months of shopping, kicking tires and crawling up, under, around, and thru I bought a "KYMCO 450i" UTV and the machine has been excellent!! 10" ground clearance, 2wd, 4wd, and diff lock will get you thru anything. Comfortable ride, plenty of power, 56" in total width. Kymco is made in Tiawan under USA engineering and quality control. There customer complaint per 100 units manufactured is the lowest in the industry. Do yourself a favor and check them out..
  2. Welcome to the forum, as a former toolmaker I am sure you will be able to figure things out. I am a retired toolmaker as well, spent 50 yrs in the trade as of April15, 2017...the shop still calls me in on occasion to help the young boys figure things out. You should now have plenty of time to search on your computer like I do, with enough searching you will find what your looking for...somewhere!!
  3. Why buy aftermarket....I have found Kymco parts to be quite reasonable in cost when compared to other mfgrs. There are also companies that will rebuild your axle if it is not damaged beyond repair if you do some searching.
  4. Thought I would jump in there as I have been doing business with "off road body armor" and recently "pacific eagle"....these two companies have merged and both are a real pleasure doing business with. Having spoke directly to the head people all my questions were answered in depth. They even went as far as to send pics along with explanations to answer any questions I had. Already have the bumpers and tree kickers, well made and has saved my machine on a number of occasions this past summer. Just ordered the cab enclosure for this winter, will let all of you know how this goes. If things are as good as the products I already have it will be a winner..
  5. Glad to see this post as I am looking for the same thing. We went up to the UP in june of this year and trails are great but not well marked. We were limited to where we could ride because of that. So if anyone has any added info or any updates as to which gps system is simple and easy to use please chime in here....
  6. Done taking the survey, in 2015 after much research I bought a Kymco 450i UTV. After 22 months and 800 miles I am happy to say it has been an awesome machine. No problems, they have one of the lowest number of complaints per 100 machines manufactured of any brand. If anyone is in the market for a side x side do yourself a favor and look at the Kymco lineup.
  7. Thanks, hope to be able to add some information from my experiences if needed, and looking forward to reading others experiences and comments. As far as the Kymco quality yes, they are really growing and their reliability is second to none. They are not race machines but good solid reliable utility machines with a very good ride quality. So far everyone that has seen it has been very impressed with its comfort and performance.
  8. I have been a Kymco owner since 2015, have a 450i UTV, been an excellent machine, dealer has been great.. No issues in 20 months of ownership. Been on some pretty knarly trails and the machine performed flawlessly, even pulled out a few Polaris machines. Factory service is rated one of the best in the industry, they even have a USA factory where help can be had if needed. When you compare actual features and equipment you can save about 1500 from buying a brand name....Kymco is fast becoming a brand name with their reputation for quality and reliability.
  9. Thanks for allowing me to join this forum. Have been involved in atv's and utv's for more than 20 yrs. Recently retired and sold my atv's and purchased a UTV for wife and I. Looked at two uo atv's but liked the side x side much better, steering wheels are much easier to drive than handle bars when you have bad shoulders like I do. Wife has artificial hips so throwing a leg over is not as easy as it used to be, but the SxS remedies that. We noe have a motorhome and an enclosed trailer to travel the country and see the various trails in this great country of ours. We bought a Kymco model 450i and it has turned out to be an exceptional machine, trouble free and will climb a tree if you can hold on...I have no problem keeping up with much larger machines up to 40 mph, it has a great hole shot. Anyone looking for a quality built side x side should take a close look at the Kymco lineup. They have the lowest number of problems per 100 machines sold in the industry ( Polaris has the highest). Looking forward to hearing about everyones adventures and mods made to there machines.
  10. About 19 months back I researched UTV's myself, after 3 months of thorough research and much tire kicking and crawling up under around and thru I decided on a Kymco 450i UTV. This machine has been awesome, trouble free, great reliability rating and used ones are very hard to find. Factory service has been rated as extremely good and problems per 100 units manufactured are one of the lowest in the industry. Do yourself a favor and research the Kymco USA website and link the side x side area. Not a Chinese company but instead are made in Tiwain, they allow usa engineers and quality control into there country where Chinese do not. Kymco also has a USA factory and parts supply and easy to get parts online or thru a dealer. My local dealer was very cool, actually had an offroad track to test out the machines, with hills, mud, trees downed to climb over, just like a ride in the woods.