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RZR 800 money burn

Has anybody else felt this money burn with the Polaris 800S

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Bought a brand new Polaris 800s in 2012 for my wife ($18500). My first service was $650 (20 hrs) my second service was $2000 and my third service was just quoted at $1100 (now has 60hrs) but my dealer said they could make it $500 and I could do the front ball joints next year.

My wife with our 5 years follow me around our lake and we take it pretty easy, i could drive my wife's Audi S5 convertible just about 95% of the trails we take.

My Suzuki Quad has cost me $200 in Maintenance in the last three years.

Dealer tells me I have a lemon and he knows guys with 3600km and spent $200 in maintenance...

Just looking at what the general consensus is out there...Maybe my dealer is a crook!

But Polaris has lost my business and I buy lots of toys.

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$3000+ for service on a new machine with 60 hrs on it?  You're being taken for a ride for sure over very rough terrain.  Maybe the lemon law applies here - it is a motor vehicle.  I would demand a refund and explain that social media can be an excellent venue to let people know where to spend their money and where not to spend it.

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