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Has anybody else felt this money burn with the Polaris 800S

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Bought a brand new Polaris 800s in 2012 for my wife ($18500). My first service was $650 (20 hrs) my second service was $2000 and my third service was just quoted at $1100 (now has 60hrs) but my dealer said they could make it $500 and I could do the front ball joints next year.

My wife with our 5 years follow me around our lake and we take it pretty easy, i could drive my wife's Audi S5 convertible just about 95% of the trails we take.

My Suzuki Quad has cost me $200 in Maintenance in the last three years.

Dealer tells me I have a lemon and he knows guys with 3600km and spent $200 in maintenance...

Just looking at what the general consensus is out there...Maybe my dealer is a crook!

But Polaris has lost my business and I buy lots of toys.

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$3000+ for service on a new machine with 60 hrs on it?  You're being taken for a ride for sure over very rough terrain.  Maybe the lemon law applies here - it is a motor vehicle.  I would demand a refund and explain that social media can be an excellent venue to let people know where to spend their money and where not to spend it.

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You are being taken for a ride my friend, sorry to say.  Polaris makes thousands of machines every year, they are the number one selling machine in the offroad market.   They are also number one in another category, that is consumer complaints per 100 machines manufactured.   Yes the big guy Polaris has the most problems of any manufacturer out there with the exception of the cheap Chinese machines.  Three years back I wanted a new UTV and looked and searched for almost 4 months, drove hundreds of miles and weeks and weeks of reaserch.  I am retired so I had plenty of time to sit on the computer day in and day out and come to find lots of interesting information.  I choose a Kymco 450i UXV,  first reason it is a smaller machine, second the reliability of the engine. Had more features than other brands and the dealer had an actual test track with hill climbs, mud, etc.   I was told to run it thru its paces, and I did.  These machines are built in Taiwan ...not china..they have been in business for 30 years and a major supplier for major brands like Artic cat, Suzuki, Yamaha and even Honda for many years.  Here is the best part..... they have the lowest consumer complaint rating per 100 machines manufactured of any major offroad manufacturer in this country!!  Mine is 3yrs old has more than 900 miles and has O issues, one recall for a seal on the throttle cable which the dealer took care of and gave my machine a thorough inspection of everything while it was there, all at no charge.  Never been back since...no issues.   Polaris has name recognition in the market and they make lots of machines but they do require lots of expensive maintenance.  I would definetly start bombing Polaris with negative advertising and post everywhere you can and the dealer also, let others see how you have been treated.

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