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Rear diff help


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It appears that I sheared all the ring gear bolts off. I removed the fill plug and I can either push the trooper or rotate the driveline and I can see the carrier rotate separately frim the ring gear. With that in mind what are the odds that the ring and pinion are in decent shape and I can extract the broken bolts. Worst case possibly tig weld a nut or bolt to the broken bolts and . Also who sells the shim /upgrade kit ? Btw inorder to pull the diff do I unbolt the upper part of the spindle and let thw spindle fall to get the axle out ?


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If it is a T2 model that you're working on you don't have to do anything with the outside hubs or trailing arms to get the rear end out take the pin out of the front drive shaft where goes on to the rear end take the two bolts out that hold her and then don't forget to remove the locker cable then fight with the axles to get them off of the rear end housing after that you can tilt the front end of the rear end up in the air and push forward on the front drive shaft to slide it out the side axles if you Jack the trooper up in the middle under the rear end on the frame and let the suspension sag you can push back the axles for enough to get them off.

As far as the shim kit goes I don't believe that anybody is selling the shim kit separately the gentleman that was making them I don't believe makes them anymore you might be able to find some used ones around or ones that people haven't used and see if you can get them off of them I believe Silver Bullet but the rights to it but I'm not a hundred percent sure

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Hi you need to pull it out and take it apart.You will see the Ring and pinion is damage probable the case.You can't tell till you get inside.Let me know we have Lenny upgrade when we get new ones we take them apart.And upgrade them with new hardware 12.9 shims set backlash and tig weld the pin.

We do a few other things we have learned from doing so many upgrades.If you need parts let me know i spoke to you today.

Thanks Rich

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