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Help please! 08 T/2 1100...shifter cable replacement nightmare!


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We have put the Cables on my 08 T/2 1100 just as directed by putting into neutral, removing the old cables then installing the new ones...now the problem...there's no 3rd or 4th gear...so we have 1st,2nd and 5th, it shifts right through the pattern but yet 3rd and 4th won't grab a gear....we are at a loss...could someone help us out here.? Thanks!

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Keep trying.. gotta find neutral. The cable that moves the shifter up and down on the trans is now adjusted..

There's going to be alot more trying issues then this problem. Get someone that will help you that understands things like these..

Not being smart but I don't have one anymore and it's hard to tell you how to adjust these cables. These joyner are not like typical side by sides. . There's no good manual and are left in dark and have to be able to make things just work or fit.

Good luck on your endeavor.

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This is my guess.  It sounds like what you are saying is that the transmission is staying in neutral during the 3rd and 4th gear operation.  Have someone operate the gear shift through all 5 speeds.  While you're under the vehicle, observe the shift lever operation when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, from 3rd to 4th and from 4th to fifth.  I'm thinking that each cable has 3 positions (forward, middle, back).  When in any forward gear, one or both of the cables must be away from the middle position (the middle position should be neutral).  If both are in the middle position when in 3rd or 4th, then obviously to me at least, the cable that selects 3rd & 4th gear isn't moving the shift lever on the transmission.  Check the adjustment and position of that cable at the shift lever and the transmission.  Maybe the lever and cable are moving but the shaft on the transmission isn't.  Maybe the new cable itself is defective.  It's hard to troubleshoot from a distance, so I'm only offering a suggestion.  Whenever I work on something and it doesn't work, my first and only suspicion is that I did something incorrectly and it wasn't necessarily caused by a failure.

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Thanks for all the advise, we have started in neutral and tried this over and over...we have everything exposed so we can see everything moving as we do it...I can help but think I may have internal damage but I have no idea...it seems like I've gotten it into 3rd by helping it but that wasn't under power. My guess is to maybe manually put it in 3rd or what I think is 3rd and start off in that gear just to see if it's still there. What do you guys think?

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