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Joyner 650cc LJ276MT-2 BUGGY Electrical Diagram

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    • By Ric Silveira
      Like to upgrade to led headlight bulbs
      Anyone know what part number I need to replace the original  bulbs they are terrible cant see anything lol
    • By Billsectere
      New to the forum. New to UTVs. New to Electric motors.  I just got a 2021 Hisun Sector E to help with moving stuff on my  steep 5 acre wooded mountain patch. Plus I thought it would be fun on the gravel roads in the "neighborhood". Because we are remote and part time to the property, I didn't want the hassle of dumping out old gas or messing with oil and filters and all the usual maintenance of a ICE. But the biggest reason for me was the noise. I test drove the Axis utvs at Tractor Supply Co and they were LOUD. Seemed to ride rough too. If you want quiet, then electric is the way to go. But it does come with a high price tag. And all the electric models are still in their infancy. So its a bit of a gamble too. I bought the property for quiet. I wanted to keep it quiet.
      I liked that the Hisun had the dry cell batteries so there is no maintenance of checking and adding water. I'm a little worried about their lifespan especially after one person's poor utube review about them. But the dealer said the company took that to heart so hopefully changes were made for better batteries. There were no Lithium battery options available anywhere near me. Polaris is supposed to have one later this year. I liked that the Hisun came standard with roof, windshield, winch and trailer hitch. I have had the sector for only one day and worked it and road it good. So far I have a big smile on my face. I wish there was a category for this model on the forum here. Meanwhile, maybe folks will share their insights/ experiences on this thread. I'd like to learn as much about the sector e as I can. There isn't much info in the owners manual.

    • By Benn3425
      Hi all. I cannot for the life of me locate a service manual for a wee secondhand utv I purchased. Its a Vmoto Scartt II 2011. Any help would be great.
    • By Kflan99
      Hi ya all,
      My Joyner Diff is busted. Any leads on a mechanic who can rebuild it ...or replace it?  I can seem to find anyone. Thanks!!!!!

    • eManualOnline
    • By Green Scout
      Hello everyone.
      Here I am showing our Green Scout electric all-terrain vehicle.
      All-terrain vehicle 6 wheeled, electric, side-turning. Rides, jumps, dances, swims, but does not fly. The drive is permanent (but you can turn off any wheel arbitrarily through the controller). The power of each wheel is 3 kW at its peak, the total power is 18 kW. Speed up to 60 km / h. Since the all-terrain vehicle is electric, it starts from a place quickly, drives silently (well, of course, the sound from tires and shock absorbers does not disappear).
      The idea of creating such an all-terrain vehicle came after the experience of operating the Argo all-terrain vehicle. The main disadvantages of the wheeled side-turning all-terrain vehicle are low ground clearance, lack of suspension. To get high ground clearance and suspension, there are two outputs on mini all-terrain vehicles - either electric drive or hydraulic. The hydraulics had to be excluded, since at temperatures below -30C it does not work, plus it always flows. As a result, we settled on an electric transmission. Each wheel is a motor-wheel. Naturally, the motor-wheels were being finalized to be able to be installed on an all-terrain vehicle and to be able to swim. The battery is iron-phosphate, all information on the battery, the charge is displayed on the smartphone. Control of the all-terrain vehicle through the on-board computer. Bicycle handlebar controls. Braking either with the sides through a turn of the steering wheel, or with the gas pedal of all wheels at once.
      Overview video of the all-terrain vehicle
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    • By 10point
      Hi Out there in UTV land .
       I am attempting to repair my buddies Massimo 400 he bought new from tractor supply in 2011.
      Before I make the repairs I am trying to locate a service repair manual that covers a 2011 MSU 400 carbureted, (NOT EFI). 
      He has  done few repairs and only changed oil on occasion. LOL
      It has so many issues it hard to know where to start.  The big issue is when its warm it refuses to start unless it cools down to cold.
      Other wise it acts like its flooded, I have checked for spark when it doesn't start and that's good.
      First when I brought it home it needed a good power washing ,so I could actually see the power train,
      I removed all the belly pans, also to replace the park brake cable, which has not arrived yet.
                My next step was to locate a missing shifter cable bracket bolt , the bracket was moving and not allowing to shift into reverse.
       Its much better, but the shifter lever bushing are so wore its still causing a cable travel  issue that I need to fine tune.
      The front axle bearing are loose and the RF caliper is hung up .
       So I ordered  the rear center caliper and the 2 front calipers with new pads, and the 2 front seals and wheel bearings,all from E bay.
       Hoping I can clean up the discs instead of buying new , limited budget and he only runs it around his property.
      Currently I am making a list of the original fuel lines and vacuum line, what a maze those lines are.
       I would buy them from Massimo, but all there items are out of stock, 14 days at the earliest., besides the don't list fuel and vacuums lines,
      Some fuel lines are smaller on one end and much larger on the carb bowl.
       I am doing this as a favor because it was just sitting in his shed, and he has done many favors for me in the past and is the best hunting buddie anyone could wish for.
       So I really want get his UTV operational again, I have been researching for 2 weeks off and on , wish I would have got on to this site the first night,
      Hope someone out there  has some positive news about a manual.
      I contacted the UTV guy on eBay 3 times as of tonight he has not given me an answer on the years  covered  for the manuals he has listed .
       So far in the time I have been search , think I would buy another brand, the parts seem hard to find .
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Thanks for reading ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                           10 Point
    • By Breff21
      Hey guys so i’m new to this whole UTV community but im going to attempt to design and make a UTV from scratch, im 18 and have done quite abit of mechanical pieces, ive made a set budget for 650€ for all the parts and engine not including steel, and so far ive decided i wanted it to be 2 seater have front suspension and rear axle suspension, go atleast 40mph and be very lightweight but stiff design. 
      Although im finding it very hard to find parts online that will ship to me within my budget, ive decided on a 420cc 15hp lifan engine as my base and am trying to find a 40 stage torque converter although its not going great but that aside, is this a good engine for what im trying to achive? Will it get me to my speed goal?
      Also im having a bit of a dilemma with the wheels as there far more expensive than i thought, im unsure rather to go with a full set of tyres and rims already assembled second hand 21/10/10 rear and 20/8/10 front for 125€ or
      or for a good second hand set of 26/12/12 rear and 26/9/12 front for just the tyres at 100€ and then to try and find cheap rims somewhere is another problem. 
      im unsure weather or not id really need the bigger 26 inch tyres as 12 inches is very wide and heavy although i see thats what the most popular size for UTV are?
      will the bigger tyres be harder on the engine? Which would be faster? 
      If anyone with more knowledge to this could help itd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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