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09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc not starting

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Im new to this groop so im sorry if im not doing this right but i bought a 09 joyner trooper t2 1100cc and rode it 3 times on the last ride it quit idling then when i got it home it wouldnt start again at all the fuel pump comes on with the key most of the time and it turns over just fine but no spark any ideas would be greatly appreciated thanks.      


Ps i checked all the fuses under the dash on passenger side and i didnt see any plugs or wires undone

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This may or may not be of any use.  My 2014 Renegade has the 1100cc engine (same as the trooper).  Mine would start and idle just fine.  Then one day it wouldn't.  It would crank over, fire, then immediately shut down.  I found my battery to be a little below 12vdc.  I put a battery maintainer on it (basically a 1 amp battery charger to maintain the charge on the battery).  SLA batteries have a habit of discharging over time.  Mine starts and runs fine.  Presuming your charging system is working, measure the battery voltage with the engine off (should be 12.6vdc).  You can see if a jump start will allow it to run and idle.

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