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my new 2017 HISUN 400HS and the engine sputters over 10mph


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I bought a new HISUN HS400 EFI recently. Still in break-in period with about 15 miles on it. This thing starts and runs just fine, like new, but at about 12mph it sputters/stumbles/boggs and does not want to go any faster than 12MPH. 
Does not sputter in neutral and revs very well in Neutral. 
Any thoughts on what is wrong?

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Dummy me. I was pulling my hair out on this problem for no reason. If I was a safe driver and wore my seatbelt I would have already solved this, LOL.  

I simply took a ride with my seatbelt on. Problem fixed, goes as fast as I need now.  For the heck of it, I did unplug the seatbelt indicator wire and it lets the vehicle go full speed also.  So, to recap, apparently there is a speed limiter with the seatbelt indicator.

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