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Anyone know where I can have my Cam re-ground?

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I'm wondering if it's the small size, that keeps them from wanting to work on it. I'd certainly ask why they won't do it. If it is the size being too small for their machine, then maybe try a place that works on lawn equipment. Maybe they can steer you towards a machine shop.

   If that failed, my next step would be to find a utv performance forum. I believe that a lot of things are being done performance wise, to the Yamaha Rhino. Maybe someone there knows of a performance shop. I know that they make turbos and such for them. So turning a cam, or crank wouldn't be unreasonable.

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So dealing with machine shops in FL can be a PITA, they all said pretty much same thing. Bring the cam in and we’ll look at it but I don’t know we do anything like that. The problem is non of them would let me speak to anyone with  knowledge by phone, they all say “bring it by and maybe you can speak with a machinist”. One of the major shops in the state of FL I spoke to didn’t even know why a camshaft would get ground, he kept asking me why would you want us to grind it again? I was not about to drive 2 hours to any shop that couldn’t #1 figure out why someone would grind a cam and #2 refuse to give me even a ballpark price for said service.

Long story short, I gave up on locals Duane and Cletus and just sent the cam off to Joe at America Custom Cam in CA. I am looking for someone to make some headers for it, local guy quoted me $600 for headers...

As a side note the things I’m also doing to the engine is Port and Polish (by yours truly)  increased compression and performace valve job, opening up the exhaust. Once complete I’ll let y’all know how it turns out, wish i coulda gotten before and after dyno done, oh well it’s just fun project.

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Hard to believe that an automotive machine shop wouldn't understand the performance reasons for grinding a cam. But since I live in a rural part of Texas, I've dealt with this type of people before. Almost makes me miss the city at times. 

  Sounds like a really interesting project! Don't forget to document the project. And please include pictures! 

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