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just joined the forum today,have been an offroader for many years ,moved into a utv about 5 years ago & enjoy it very much.we usually ride Ocala national forest g the cooler winter months,camping as often as we can & trail riding . we enjoy meeting new friends with same interests .living in the Tampa Bay area .

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Welcome digger! Glad to have you here! That's a nice looking rig you got there. After reading the above, I just have to ask....why are you avoiding mud? High horsepower, lots of clearance, plenty of lugs on the tires. You got it all! Of course it could always be better. But sometimes you just meet your match. Here's the solution to mud. Go in a group, everyone brings a piece of the solution. That is...Knowledge, Experience, Equipment. 

To put it simply, someone has a winch, several people have cables, several people know what's the best plan. It's a beautiful thing when it happens. Sure, everyone gets muddy, but it's not a bad thing. Embrace it! Rolling around in the mud , at dusk, with people you barely know....Its's how REAL friends are made. People who enjoy the same things as you. The kind of camaraderie you bond in the mud, the blood , and the beer can't be faked or bought. It's the real deal. Not like swappin stories at work. Pictures are priceless!!


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avoiding the mud due to all the damage it causes to seals ,bearings , suspension & driveline. the stress it can put on a machine is huge.i dont mind going thru some mud puddles to get where i"m going but seems that many down here in Florida like to run their machines in mud , i dont enjoy that.I"v been an automotive master tech for 48 years & have seen many spend their money "fixing"carnage caused by playing in the soup then badmouthing the machine  when it"s usually the fault of the nut behind the wheel.& too many 12 oz curls,lol. i carry all the needed recovery tools & some parts for trail side repairs, usually to help out someone  stuck on the trail.

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I can certainly understand your point of view there. I also prefer trails over mud, but I've always just tried to embrace the maintenance that comes with a day of fun. For me, it was worth it. Since it's not my daily drive to work vehicle, it's okay if it's down till it gets a little service done. 

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