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working on a friends2018 hs500 with 9.5 miles.it starts good but when you give it some gas it cuts out.you can let off a little bit and it keeps running.

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      Hello All, thanks for looking at my situation. I am new to the UTV world, but not small engines. Hoping you can help and I thank you in advance for your support / suggestions. My neighbor gave me his old 550 mule, which needed some TLC. It is a late model 2003 or earlier Kawasaki Mule 550, not sure of the VIN as I cannot locate it, and then did re-paint / powder-coat it. However I was able to get the right new parts as they matched the old ones. I have replaced the entire electrical chassis wire harness (headlights to tail light) Brand new battery new starter relay same voltage regulator - not sure if this has failed - may need to test resistance battery reads 12.8 volts start and solenoid work note sure about the Neutral Safety Switch - I pulled it, (light green wire from harness attached) - what appears to be drop of oil on tip. After I take the battery tender off the Mule, turn the key it starts up just fine and runs well. After using it for sometime or letting it run, after I shut it off, it will not start again via the key. I turn the key and nothing, no clicking, dimming of lights, nothing. It is as something i is blocking the starter trigger wire. If I remove the starter relay and test for voltages I get 12 volts on 1 prong and about 1 volt or so from the starter trigger wire (red / black) - if I turn the key, that wire registers 12v. If I jump the blades and turn the key - it starts no problem / every time. This also works, with the starter relay plugged in, if I turn the key and touch the metal top of the relay on the chassis , you will here the starter clicking and engage and eventually it will start. I find this odd as it started this morning, cold with no issue. Is it a bad brand new relay? a bad regulator? the NSS? I am drawing a blank, I called a few guys I know over at the local power sports service center and they could not think of anything. Thanks for your help Mike

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      Hello. I recently bought a 2008 Sand Viper 800cc. I had issues with the starter so I had it rebuilt, however now I cannot remember how it gets wited back up. If anyone could, would they please inform me through a picture on how to reconnect the four wires I have here. Thank you.

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