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  1. Swampdonkey

    Difficult to get out of gear.

    Helped me to tap gas like I was going to take off but instantly hit brake and it would shift fine
  2. Swampdonkey

    Massimo no start

    Ordered from motorcycle doctor. Put new gaskets in everything back together and fired right up. But saw bubbles between head and hug. Gonna take back apart and try resurfacing
  3. Swampdonkey

    Head swap 500/700?

    Figure could get some more power from the bigger 700 piston
  4. Swampdonkey

    Head swap 500/700?

    Would I be able to get a 700 head and piston to replace my 500? Or is it not that simple . Probably need a cam too? Anyone have info or ideas. Also remember reading somewhere about wiseco 11:1 pistons being compatible
  5. Swampdonkey

    Massimo no start

    Just heard back from dealer, says Massimo won't cover warranty due to mud or water in side. Where should I look to buy parts
  6. Swampdonkey

    Massimo no start

    Looks like blown head gasket. Temp light came on and started shooting water out exhaust . Should be under warranty only 25 hrs on it
  7. Swampdonkey

    Massimo no start

    Got it to start by feathering the throttle . Revs fine dies at idle. Hard to restart probably foiled plug again
  8. Swampdonkey

    Massimo no start

    2017 msu500 efi. Has spark and fuel. Valves are within clearances. Leave key on I get a 118 code. Ect sensor? Could this keep it from starting Old plug was black