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New guy and looking to buy

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I am looking at a Kawasaki Mule SX XC Limited.  I don't have a lot of experience with a side x side other than a Polaris xp 800 that my buddy had and my stepson has a Mule FXR.  

I am looking to buy one to use on my 60 acre farm.  I would use it mostly when feeding but also fixing fence and jobs on the property.  The mule I am looking at isn't EFI and doesn't have EPS.  Also does the SX have enough power?  The back half of the property is pretty hilly is why I ask.  I just want to know what you guys think that have more experience.

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I'd say that machine would suit your needs perfect, of course my opinion may be biased as i have 01 Mule 550. that sucker can climb a hill. 

The SX XC has a 1,000 pound towing capacity,  400 pound cargo bed, Locking differential for extra traction, and 4WD.

and i'd say with the 401CC engine in it, you ought to have no problem with hills, mud or snow.


Welcome to the UTV Board! 

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It looks like a solid choice for what you have in mind. Unfortunately I can't give any feedback on the newer models, since mine is an 05 diesel. Other than replacing the battery several years ago, it's never given a single hiccup. I would however, highly recommend the diesel motor. Mine is a beast, it has out pulled my 4wd New Holland 27 hp. tractor! Of course that was an isolated incident, and I'd be very surprised if it did it again. But I've never had any power, or traction issues, and my use is around the farm also. It's a tough, reliable little machine. Mine has a lift kit, and side bed rails, as well as a couple other things, to make it more useful. The availability of aftermarket add ons like these were the main reason why I chose the mule over something like the Kubota. If the Polaris Ranger hadn't had automatic engagement on their 4wd, I might've went that way. I just don't like equipment that does my thinking for me. But the bottom line is; get something that has a good dealer support in your area. Good aftermarket parts availability, so you can tailor it to your needs. There's lots of buggies out there for joy riding, and they're great for that purpose. They've got the independent suspension, high lift, and powerful motors. But you'd probably be happier with a clunky old school straight axle machine. Those things are purpose built for work. 

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