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Best SXS For Farm

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the main thing is what's your budget? 

I would stay way from any "Cub Cadet" or "Massimo" utv's. parts aren't very easy find.

 I would look at the Kawasaki Mule's, either the 610, or the Pro  FX series.

if that doesn't suit your fancy, probably a  Polaris Ranger would be the next best bet.

are there any dealers close by?

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If you'll be spending a lot of time in the mud. You might want to think about one that has the six wheels, like the John Deere gator. Most of the top brands will work great in the mud, but they'll chew up a lot of ground doing it, when loaded. Independent suspension will help with a lot of the problems of traction. Also allowing larger, more aggressive tires to be added. But a buggy like that isn't ideal for towing, or hauling a load. 



What I'm saying is that you really need to fully understand the actual use it'll get. If it's truly intended for something like a working, muddy, dairy farm. The 6 wheel gator, or Polaris Ranger is popular there. I'd certainly check to see what Kubota has available. If you just need to hunt pigs in the back forty, then I'd suggest something small, with upgradeable power. They made a million Yamaha rhinos. Must be something to that. But as Travis has said, parts availability is key. So that means a well known brand. Also, factory authorized service can be handy if you don't work on it. 

If you're just fishing for a specific brand to begin your search. I'd check out the local tractor dealer. I know that Deere, and Kubota both have a SxS. Maybe the others have something? But this suggestion comes from the parts availability standpoint. I have a kawasaki mule, and dealerships are opening, and closing so fast, I have to make sure they're still there before making the drive. Most parts are dealer parts, and some things are best done in person. One last thing, you definitely want to consider a diesel. Gas is good for tearing up the grass, and mud, and flying over the berms. But when it comes to slow deliberate power, diesel is the way to go! That may dramatically change your options.

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