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2017 Warrior 800 Speedometer Doesn't Work


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I bought a used 2017 Warrior 800, with 92 hours on it. No problems with speed and power!!It's amazing! That being said my speedometer doesn't work. Everything else does tho.. Just the needle speedometer doesn't. Anyone have any ideals?I've checked fuses, was going to remove sensor but from the out side it looks ok. When driving  the gauge moves off the 0, but that's about it. Any help would be appreciated! thanks

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My vote would be either the speed sensor, or sending unit. Whatever it uses down in the wheel, or transmission. Or fouled wiring from sticks, or branches. I'd start by giving a good look at the wiring. Then figure out where the speed sensor is. I could see water, or mud causing the problem. If the readout is moving at all. Then it seems like that part is working.

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