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Top tunes for 19/20 Mule FXT


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Getting a Mule soon once stop sale over.

Only issue I have is Mule is limited to 47 mph.

Most of my road around my place (before getting to off-road) is 40 mph.  However most people drive 50 mph.  I would like to be able to go 50 mph in the Mule for short distances (2-3 miles) while on the public roads.  I know the engine is more than capable since the same engine is in the Arctic Cat Prowler Crew and those are limited to 51 mph.  So what tune/piggyback is safe to add the 3-4 mph more top end I'm desiring?  Thanks

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It probably is possible to get a few extra MPH. Of course, the engine may already be capable of doing 50+, you just need to take that rotational power and put it to the ground. Via transmission and centrifugal clutches..

But going over a limited speed is tough on a CVT system drive belt since it heats up fairly quickly when running at a sustained speed. And can cause cracking and overall premature wear.

I can also say for certain any modifications you do will most likely void the warranty.


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