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  2. Dang this UTVboard seems dead. I've posted a few posts over the past week or so, and basically zero replies or input. Most unused forum I've ever been on. Oh well. Take care all. Over and out!
  3. Excited to bring it home in a couple hours once the on-road legal kit is put on. Reviews of this UTV were just too great to ignore. I almost bought a Kawasaki Mule Ranch Edition but the stop sale gave me time to research more and realized the Wolverine was a better choice for me and it's reviews are stellar and the 10 year belt warranty. Ordered a HardTop, Aluminum front skidplate, Aluminum Control arm plates, Folding windshield, Cargo Tote, and Rock Rails to go along with it. Also added an additional 36 month full warranty to it as well. If you have one or have experience wi
  4. It seems like a perfect middle ground between the Kawasaki Mule Ranch Edition and the Polaris General 4 1000 . But I can't find any reviews for this thing or who makes it's engine. It looks great, seems like an awesome SxS, but would love some insight. If you have any experience with this rig, please chime in. Thanks
  5. Anybody have one? Thoughts please!
  6. I don't know his General is pretty badass. He's always been more hardcore than me when it comes to off-roading. I prefer more of the trails and streams where he'll go up 30-40 degree slopes and traverse through 2 feet of water or mud and over rocks and stuff. I just want a SxS that I can take out with my kids without abusing my truck.
  7. Getting a Mule soon once stop sale over. Only issue I have is Mule is limited to 47 mph. Most of my road around my place (before getting to off-road) is 40 mph. However most people drive 50 mph. I would like to be able to go 50 mph in the Mule for short distances (2-3 miles) while on the public roads. I know the engine is more than capable since the same engine is in the Arctic Cat Prowler Crew and those are limited to 51 mph. So what tune/piggyback is safe to add the 3-4 mph more top end I'm desiring? Thanks
  8. Hello Ashley, looks to me like you had a lift put on the Mule, did you? What size wheels/tires are those too?
  9. Hello all, my first post here. I have been considering a Mule for a couple of years. Yesterday I went to go get one and learned about the stop sale (bad timing I know). Hopefully in the next couple weeks they'll have the fix. Bummer I won't get a chance to ride it for a few weeks before the heat of summer begins in mid May though. My brother has a Polaris General 4 1000 so it's time to get a sxs so I can go out with him. Yes, I know I won't be able to go everywhere he goes, but that's ok, I don't need too.

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