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    • By T-boss 410
      When I start this UTV, the starter seems to bind up, then it takes off and the engine starts right up. I charged the battery, and tightened the terminals. This is a new unit. The battery is a 330 cca unit. The terminals were clean, but I haven't checked the wires at the starter. Any ideas?
      Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
    • By strike250
      I have the factory service manual available for the Buck 400. Just send me a message with your email and I'll get it to you. Although there is no charge for this, it would be great if  you would visit my website where you could donate any amount to help do things like this with others who need it. Again, there is no charge for this manual, and no obligation to donate. But if you did, I would thank you for sure. Have fun on the trails. www.warriorsoffroad.com

    • By Rustynutzz
      Greetings all!  
      Purchased a 2021 T-Boss X-Golf 550 about three weeks ago and am having a blast with this thing!  It's a very capable and well built machine. 
      I've put 30 hours and 400 miles on it so far.  I've really put it through its paces too.  Been tearing around the sand dunes, climbing very considerable hills with no problem, tore through some light mud and even hauled around a couple adults around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!
      Did my after break-in service and am using Lucas oil for oil changes and differential changes.  The manual calls for 15w40 but couldn't find any so after speaking to Massimo the said 10w40 Lucas atv oil was fine.
      Anyhow, I've done the "cooling fan jumper wire" mod almost right away.  I've also installed an overhead stereo system that looks like it belongs in there stock along with some LED's.  I have an underglow kit and light bar I'll be adding during the Christmas break so I'll add pics once those are installed.  
      Here's a link to the overhead speaker box if anyone is interested.  I can take better pics if interested in how I mounted it.




    • By Virginia Slim
      I have a 2020 Massimo TBoss 410 and it has been a interesting experience.   I could never recommend this to another person with a clear conscience.  This UTV has never idled properly since the day I picked it up from Tractor Supply in Leesburg, VA.   I have learned to live with the imperfections, but now the check engine light has been popping on while I am driving a few hundred yards.   I basically use this as a golf cart around the property to carry chains saws,  hunting gear, or whatever.   I do not use this aggressively at all.   Why, exactly 1 year after purchase would the check engine light be popping on.    Does this have  an alternator?   Do I need to regularly charge the battery like a Jetski or Battery for my Jon Boat?  The unit today will not even turn over,  I think it is a dead battery, but I will know the answer to that in a few hours.   The Check Engine light is what I am concerned with?    Any experience or suggestions for me?    
      Thank you,   HDS
    • eManualOnline
    • By Rustynutzz
      I was wondering if anyone has plated one of these machines in any state.  I'm in FL and am going to try to plate my T-Boss 550x Golf.  Talked to a State Trooper who said it's absolutely plateable the way it sits and also talked to my insurance company and they said the same.  I'm not sure what they will consider this type of machine, a golf cart or low speed vehicle.  Their are different stipulations for both.  I'll keep this thread updated once I get an inspection.
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