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Have a new r4 approx 800 miles just noticed the tach wont sweep with ignition on but the speedo does, also will start with out the clutch engaged.  my 2012 r4 tach and speedo both sweep and it wont start unless the clutch is engaged , any ideas why?. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Matt

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Probably design variations and software changes over the years.  Your new R4 (presuming it's 2014 or later) has the 1100cc engine with a different computer than your 2012.  On my 2014, both tach & speedo sweep and will start as long as the transmission is in neutral.  As long as your tach and speedo work normally while driving, I don't think I'd worry too much about it.

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Thanks for the reply it runs perfect the tach didsweep when I first got it , also noticed it's hard to start most times , I haft to actually hold down the accelerator to get it to start about 80% of the time just wondered if it was a software issue. other that that it runs great there is a big difference in my old one verses the new one  old one will go pretty close to 70mph the new one must have really low gears in 5th gear every 1000 rpms is 10mph  at 50 mph in turning 5000 rpms  so about 30mph is as fast as I go in it. Thanks Again for the reply. Matt

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A little bit of rambling on my part here.  I'm only familair with my machine.   There may be variations between model years.  My speed is also 10 mph / 1000 rpm.  I've never had my machine over 35 mph - too fast for this old goat and also too fast for the trails I ride.  This engine is an over square engine.  That is to say the bore is larger than the stroke.  They are designed for higher RPMs.  Myu speedo redlines at 75 mph - implies that the engine redlines at 7500 RPM.  The Renegade uses gearing through the transmission and differentials to put more torque to the drive axles. The 800cc & 1100cc Renegades had a transmission with the part number:  5TO7D1   From the part numbers, it appears that the Trooper and Renegade both use the same transmission for the 800cc & 1100cc engine packages (Trooper 1100cc only).  Mine won't start until the gauges complete their sweep. Then it starts right up without any accelerator or clutch input.  Does your engine turn over with the clutch pedal released?  If not, your model year might have a safety switch with the clutch to prevent starting without the clutch being depressed.

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