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I bought a Titan Explorer back in 2012 and have had nothing but electrical problems with it ever since. It mostly sits in the garage and I thin I have 160 hours on it since I got it. The place I bought it from is gone and although I suspect it is a Chinese or Japanese I cannot find any service manuals on it.

I'll post up some pics in the general forum in the hopes that someone can point me in the right direction. What I would like to do is to pull ALL of the wiring out and start over with bare bones... nothing but essential operations.

This looks like a good group so hopefully I can help as well as be helped.

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Welcome to the forum!

Sorry we didn't see you until now. Hope you found your answer, because it's a curious combination of issues you've brought up. Making this a tough nut to crack, using a proper long term solution. 

What you'd need is a new wiring harness to do what you've suggested. The problem would be in finding it. Most of these types of off brand buggies are tough to find some parts for. And a wiring harness would be one of the harder parts to find.

Not being familiar with the brand that you've mentioned. The only thing that I could offer, in the way of finding a full harness. Would be to say that some of the Chinese models are Yamaha Rhino clones. And if that's the case for yours, maybe you could find a solution in the Rhino aftermarket. 

They make generic harnesses for the auto market. But I'd be surprised if that's the case for the s×s market. But maybe you could use another harness from a similar buggy in that same generic fashion. 

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