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    • By res2fr
      Hello All,
       I'm not really New here but Life sidetracked me for the 18 months or so but I've gone back to doing some work on my Coleman(Hisun) UTV400 SxS that has a Kodiak 400 motor/Trans and a Major wiring problem. 
      Short history, with original owner there was a fire, some interior plastic damage but were told major fire damage to motor. They bought and installed the Kodiak 400 motor, CDI box and a few other necessary parts. They had someone wire it and used it then for some reason Stripped the wiring, installed a new Emark wiring harness but Never reconnected the motor wiring to the Machine. There was a mountain of loose wires, cut off connecters in the Dump Box.
      I've finally gotten back to sorting and reading diagrams for both machines wiring and have the CDI box rewired in to the point I can start the motor with my Temp ignition switch, it runs ok and is charging the battery. my immediate problem with the motor right now is that it runs fine At Idle but if I try to accelerate it immediately  Dies. Im trying to figure out if it's an issue with something that the CDI box needs wired that isn't there, some switch or relay connection that's still not there Or the fact that the fuel supply being from and electric fuel pump not the original Vacuum pump that the Quad used was, I cant find the Pressure of the Vacuum pump.  Acts like there's no Spark Advance in a way but could be just getting way to much fuel, to fast. I have a valve I found that allows me to cut the pump pressure down to 1 PSI that I'm about to try and I'll keep checking the wiring diagrams looking for something electrical that might help explain this. Oh I couldn't a carb kit to rebuild with so I bought a New carb, not high end but figured it should make a difference but no such luck.
      Once I get past this issue I'll go back to paying attention to getting battery power back into the new Emark Harness so I can start getting power to the rest of the machine.
      Sorry all, I got a touch Wordy here. I hope to be spending more time here and Learning and if at all possible  Helping others.
      Take care all and I Shall Return.
    • By Paul Mckay
      Checked cable and shifter linkage. All looks good. No slack or slop. When put in reverse you can hear something internal on the gear case grind the kick out reverse. Has anyone else had this issue and no what parts usually cause this?
    • By Joe Breaux
      Has anyone tried using an external electric water pump on these machines?  I watched a video on youtube of one installed on a 1000 cc  side by side that had chronic overheating issues in hot weather.. He claimed that after installing a Prius  electric automotive  pump from junk yard, inline in the inlet hose and bypassing fan temp switch,  that the engine never overheated again. .. I am considering trying it on mine...................... Anybody  else done this? .................. He did not say if he removed the mechanical pump or not.. would it pump thru that pump? 
    • By Akovia
      Our new Sector E1 electric has 45 miles on the odo.  It frequently goes into shutdown mode after a few minutes of putzing around the farm. Instrument panel gives a flashing message “45C”. I presume that this means the batteries are overheated. The temperature indicator is maxxed. No stunt driving involved, just the grandkids bumping along in low range across the pasture. Of course, the owners manual does not reference this condition. We park it for a while and it returns to normal; at least until the next overheat. Has anyone else been bothered by this?
    • By dant849
      Hello, just took delivery of this unit today and temp gauge shows it's running hot . Full of coolant. Fan isn't coming on although I can jump it. Relay and fuse are good. What else can it be? Thanks in advance!

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