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Can someone tell me why the price of 8 volt batteries are high.? You can buy 12 volt trolling motor batteries for half the price of Golf Cart batteries. Also why do they use 8volt  instead of 12 volt? Can you just replace six 8 volt with 4 12 volt ?

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They are  built for a very severe duty, high discharge rate, application (which running a trolling motor or a television in an RV ain't),  Compare prices per Amp Hour (Ah) capacity rather than by voltage--you'll see the 8 V batteries are actually the same $$ or a bit less...

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2 hours ago, JeraldWTulsa said:

Another question. Why six 8 volt Batteries and not four 12 volt for 48volt machine?

The power density (Ah capacity) of 4 commonly available 12 V batteries (starting duty or "deep-cycle") would be inadequate to the task--giving people something else to bitch about...

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    • By Travis
      Thinking of putting one on the mule on the dash, just so i can have a constant check on voltage. I know just enough about electricity wiring to be dangerous, I'm assuming when i install it i can just run a + and - wire to it straight from the battery, correct? 
      Anyone have a meter they recommend?
      any advice is appreciated.
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      Good morning everybody.  Had a question hopefully some of y’all may be able to help with. Looking at buying a vehicle for use in the Bahamas. It’s a small island and 80% of the population gets around in a golf cart. Some folks do have cars though. I’ve been going back-and-forth between a golf cart and a side-by-side like a Polaris Ranger or Kawasaki Mule six seater.  
      Reason I’m leaning towards a side-by-side is that without a car, I need to be able to haul fishing gear, luggage, and whatever else. Also may use it pull a small boat trailer.  Need to carry 4-6 passengers. 
      Driving would be 100% on pavement. I don’t need to be able to go off roading at all.
      Durability is paramount as there’s no practical way to bring it into a dealer for service or warranty work. This particular island does have excellent infrastructure and access to good mechanics. 
      Higher speeds of a side-by-side versus a golf cart is a big plus as well.
      While importing a car is technically an option, the cost  increases substantially on the import duty.
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      Installed my Christmas presents yesterday (light bar and underglow kit).
      Loving this machine!
      Underglow kit
      Light bar 210w combo

    • By Rustynutzz
      Greetings all!  
      Purchased a 2021 T-Boss X-Golf 550 about three weeks ago and am having a blast with this thing!  It's a very capable and well built machine. 
      I've put 30 hours and 400 miles on it so far.  I've really put it through its paces too.  Been tearing around the sand dunes, climbing very considerable hills with no problem, tore through some light mud and even hauled around a couple adults around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!
      Did my after break-in service and am using Lucas oil for oil changes and differential changes.  The manual calls for 15w40 but couldn't find any so after speaking to Massimo the said 10w40 Lucas atv oil was fine.
      Anyhow, I've done the "cooling fan jumper wire" mod almost right away.  I've also installed an overhead stereo system that looks like it belongs in there stock along with some LED's.  I have an underglow kit and light bar I'll be adding during the Christmas break so I'll add pics once those are installed.  
      Here's a link to the overhead speaker box if anyone is interested.  I can take better pics if interested in how I mounted it.




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      This was being discussed as a side topic in another thread.  Thought I'd start one specific to the point.
      The E1 owners and service manuals don't discuss the batteries in detail nearly as much as one would expect.   I can't even find an exact spec for the battery to buy as a replacement.    What are you guys buying for batteries?   Any advice on what to look for?  Where do you get them?  I have read people saying you should replace them all at the same time if you replace any (gasp!)   Are those people anal as well as rich, or is that good advice?
      I have saw some good Utube videos on how to check batteries on golf carts that should apply to the E1.
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    • By boubouthebear
      Morning, I just purchased a 2011 rhino and I got a massive battery drain coming from the backup fuse. 200Ma!
      I have a "juice box" ecu and I tried to find reviews on it as I also have a stalling issue when I get to a sudden stop and other forums seems to say it would be a crappy ECU.
      Not sure if I have a bad ecu that does both issues or if they are unrelated problems.
      Wondering if anyone here had an idea where I should poke at first. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it
    • By McMURDY
      Just joined this forum. I am a new owner of a used 2016 Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Crew. I bought it from a friend's wife after my friend suddenly passed away this Summer. We hadn't run it much since when he passed in July and I used it to do some light plowing on my driveway last month and a handful of times during hunting season. Then, we got blasted with bitter cold and 2 feet of snow last week and it wouldn't start. I assumed the battery was low (from JUN 2018) and put another lawn and garden battery on I had which was relatively new and unused. It runs a plow and a front and rear LED light too. It started right up with the new battery, but when my wife plowed with it for 10-15 minutes, it ran dead. It has 250 CCA (the previous one had 350 CCA). Not knowing any better, I jumped it with my car running and let that charge it for 1/2 hour but got the same thing....a few swipes with the plow and it was dead again. I left it on the charger overnight, hoping that will give it a full charge and that will take care of the problem but I don't want to find out it doesn't work when another storm comes. Should I get a new battery? What do you guys recommend that will run the motor, the plow and the extra lights and do you charge it often during cold weather? Wish my friend was around to ask him what he did but he's gone and I'm new at this.  Thanks!
    • By wrfpd2
      hi folks, I'm kinda new to these machines & am a new member. My question  is this thing isn't charging the battery. When I run it it will last about 30 min then dies. Any ideas anybody? I ordered a new  rectifier but it hasn't arrived yet 
    • By paraord
      Hi all, I am looking at putting in a dual battery setup to my 2015 Mule 4010. Anyone put one of these in before? Most of the research has pointed me to the True Am kit. Didnt know if anyone had done this or had a battery strap down tray they recommend or anything.  Between the Winch and the Stereo...and upcoming lights I want to be able to make sure it always starts.
      Thanks in advance,
    • By Billbo
      I am trying to figure out the type of battery that I should get for my 2013 Cub Cadet Volunteer.  The old battery says it was 450 CCA, but I've been having trouble finding one with exactly that in the local stores.  My wife picked up a 575CCA (26R) from OReillys.  Will that work?  Or will I ruin something by increasing the CCA?
      The attached image is of my old battery.

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