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  1. Go to ; www.alpa-spoarts.com/hisun_parts.htm
  2. So sorry to hear this but I can understand the way you feel. My daughter and wife made me sell my trailer because they are afraid I might fall and really hurt myself. I'm 89 years old And have hard time getting up off the ground. I can still get on the machine but can't go on any trails. I got Radial street tires on last week so I'm Going to stay close to home. Nov. 1st Oklahoma well allow street legal machines to register and get a license to ride on roads with the speed limit35 MPH. I don't know how I will like that, we will see. Again I'm sorry about your situation, But be glad you wake up
  3. I was under the impression the more you charge them the better they get. Maybe I'm dreaming I don't know.
  4. Has anyone replaced the seats in the sector E1? I get a sore neck after a shot ride. If I slump in the seat it helps. I would like to replace the bench seat with a couple of more comfortable after market seats. Any ideas?
  5. Thank you, I will do that. I hope it's not tie rods. The machine only has 85 miles on it and has only been run on the road and in a couple fields.
  6. When my E1 is run wide open on the road it chatter. That is at about 28 mph. The steering wheel shakes. It feels like it's coming from the front Could it be the front wheel alignment?
  7. Do any of you out there find the Sector E1 seats very uncomfortable? I get a sore neck after driving a short time. It seems the back is too upright. It needs to be set back on an angle a little. Any ideas ?
  8. Another question. Why six 8 volt Batteries and not four 12 volt for 48volt machine?
  9. JeraldWTulsa


  10. Can someone tell me why the price of 8 volt batteries are high.? You can buy 12 volt trolling motor batteries for half the price of Golf Cart batteries. Also why do they use 8volt instead of 12 volt? Can you just replace six 8 volt with 4 12 volt ?
  11. Here is a website for Husun parts; alpha-sports.com/husun_parts.htm shows trailer parts. Let me know if this helps.
  12. I check on at a Hisun dealer and measured about 1 3/4. I need one that fits too. What is wrong that we can't get an answer to this problem?

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