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T410 for snowplowing question

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I am thinking of buying a T410 Boss for plowing snow.  The snowfalls in my area  (Southeast PA).  Are normally in the 5-10 inch range.  We had a 20 incher last month, but that was the exception to the rule.  My driveway is macadam and the main one is 160 ft long.  I will be plowing downhill mostly and some level parking areas.   I am asking if the T410 can adequately handle this situation with 25HP.  Other then plowing,  I would have little use except maybe picking up dead branches around the property.  As for plowing, I would guess about 6-8 times a year.  I am choosing the T410 on price as the little I use it, I want to spend the least money.  Thanks for any opinions.

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this is just my personal opinion formed from what i've read on internet forums about Massimo.

they may be cheaper, but when they do break,  you might have trouble Finding out the problem, & getting a repair part for the problem.

if i were you, i would look into a used Kawasaki Mule or Polaris ranger of sorts. Dealers, parts and manufacturer support is more widely available.

it's not too uncommon to find a 10 or 15 year old mule with 500 hours or less, which at that point, they're just wearing in good.

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      I'm disappointed they can't work something out with me to swap them out rather than me buying another one but that is where I find myself.   I need to buy it from this dealer (long story that is not interesting.....but this is the only option I have).   The quote for the new winch kit is $710 + $147 for labor.
      In any event, I'm looking for any thoughts more experienced people might have.  My tentative plan is just to leave the original winch on until next fall, then swap them out when I confirm I want to add a snow plow.  Or should I consider removing the original winch while it is brand new and try to sell it on the secondary market?   Would it be difficult to sell?
      I would also appreciate any recommendations on the plow itself.  Does it make sense getting it through the dealer or are there other types/brands you would recommend?  One thing I found slightly confusing is that the dealer said the Ranch winch doesn't come with a remote switch.....you have to use the switch on the dash.  But maybe that is only with the original winch.  I would think having a remote hand held switch would be advantageous when moving snow.
      Hope these aren't silly questions.   I really appreciate any insights you can provide.
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