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Rims/Tires for Joyner Trooper for SALE


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I am selling two rear rims/tires for $100 each. Shipping is extra or I will try to get you you on an upcoming trip. Or come and visit. Both are in great shape.

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

I guess this solidifies your feelings about your new bigger tires. Selling your take offs is, as they say, brning your bridges. One only does that when they don't plan on ever turning back. I wished I could afford your setup. Keep giving us examples on those things the bigger tires are doing better. I know you want to say everything but the goory details are fun.

Don't park in Utah or kanarfi or I will get your tires and wheels.


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Yes I not going back. Love the new rims/tires. I went down the wash behind the house yesterday. Had not been down by the river in a couple of months. When I neared the river a tree had fallen. I got out walked over to make sure there was not any branch spears to puncher the tires. All clear, locked the lockers and when up over the tree. With the additional ground clearnce and bigger footprint the trooper crossed the tree with ease. Tree dia. was roughly 20+ inches. It was koool! How many sideXside can clear a 20 inch dia. tree? AND I crawled it in first gear, didn't power & jump it. Plus in the sand I did not even need 4 wheel drive. I will be taking it out for a longer trip in the next day or two after the rains. NO DUST!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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