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800SX Crew LE rifle rack options

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    • By Sommer Wildes
      TLDR (too long didn't read) in blue for quick scanning
      Hey all! I'm new to the Side-by-side/UTV world. We own a smallish farm and decided to go with the 2021 Tracker 800LE Crew. We like the seating and the ride is smooth. However as a newbie I have some questions that maybe some of you longtime side-by-side/UTV owners can help with. We're still in the "break-in" period and it seems that after 30 min or less of driving the dash area gets super hot. You can feel the heat waves coming off the floorboard by your feet and my phone sitting in the little hole (where a radio might go) felt like I left it in the hot sun for too long. The glovebox was also way too hot. 
      So the question is, is this normal, or should I start checking engine coolant and filters? We literal have had it a day. I have read forums and looked up info and can't find anyone mentioning this issue. I just don't want to burn the thing up before we've even put it through it's paces ya know!
      Thanks for any help!
    • By Shawn Smith
      After receiving my new 2022 Tracker 800SX LE and having only 11 miles on the engine I have had it back in the shop at Cabela's several times for repair on a major safety issue. About 30% of the time when I put the vehicle in park it does not remain in park and will roll like it is in neutral. The Cabela's store I took it to has been really helpful trying to figure out the problem but I am going on 15 total days its been in their possession and they still do not know what to do as they are waiting on the next set of instructions from Textron. I have asked for a refund at this point but they are not willing to do that yet. I have filed a BBB formal compliant and told them I paid $18,000.00 cash for this machine and expected it to function as a normal operating UTV.
      Cabela's and Textron have issued a stop sale or movement of any of these vehicles due to this issue. Buyers beware, this is a serious problem and will more than likely end up in a nationwide recall. I have been told by the Cabela's Maintenance Manager that this has happened to more than one customer. I hope Cabela's comes through and does the right thing by issuing me a refund as this is unacceptable.
    • By Shawn Smith
      *** 2023 TRACKER 800SX LE UPDATE ***
      After several days of negotiating back and forth I was finally able to get my UTV swapped out for a new 2023. There was a problem with my 2022 where the vehicle would not stay in park. I must say that my local Cabela's Tracker Outdoor sales department manager and service manage took very good care of this situation. 👍 After about 30-days of my vehicle being held ransom I got a full refund and bought another Tracker to give them one more chance. I have used the vehicle several times now out at my property moving brush and fallen trees. The dump bed feature is very nice but be careful when having a receive tow hitch on and dumping a load or the tailgate will hit against the ball.
      I added a backup camera 📷 last night which helps greatly when maneuvering through tight places in the 🌲 forest. I bought an inexpensive unit off Amazon for $69.00 and works perfectly. I ran the wiring alongside the existing wiring on the vehicle to the back and drill the camera toward the very bottom of the tailgate. Here are a few photos.
      RV Backup Camera System, 7 inch Monitor Vehicle Backup Camera, Waterproof Rear View Camera with Night Vision 18 IR LED Reverse Truck Wired Back Up Camera for Cars/Trailer/Van/Jeep/SUV                                                                        https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09FG862D7?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details

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