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Hisun Axis 500 4 wheel drive lights are not working

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I bought an axis 500 brand new, hauled it home and the light indicator for 4 wheel drive is not working.  Is there a something the store didnt tell me, or is it messed up right off the assembly line? Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Hey Chuck, I just bought an Axis500 from Lowes a couple months ago myself.  I don't have any lights come on the dash except for the flashing x on the four wheel diagram.  Hope that helps.  Just joined the forum, hence the late answer.  Was told by Hisun that the Axis is the same as the HS series of their UTVs.

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Purchased a 2021 Axis 500 from Lowe's. I am pretty happy with it. However, it is stuck in 4 wheel drive and the switch on the dash does nothing. It is very difficult to steer when it is engaged. Anyone else experience this issue?

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I had the exact same problem. Was testing both 4WD and differential lock. Worked the first couple times then was locked for good. I checked several things including the fuses. Finally took it to a local service place and they discovered the actuator was bad.  Waiting to get the part in now.

Suggest to check the fuses first. 

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