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Code Scanner for 2016 Massimo MSU500


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Hello All,


 I am trying to find a Scanner that is works for a 2016 MSU500. I found the Tiny Scan TS301 that looks like a decent Scanner but so far have not been able to get confirmation that this works on and older model. It has been stated that it works on the 2019 and newer but not sure about older models. It appears that the ECM/ECU/EFI modules are likely interchangeable between a 2016 and the newer 2019 and on but not sure of the Scanner. I am waiting for feedback from Hisun on this issue right now.

 If this unit is not usable for my model year has anyone found and a Diagnostic Scanner for the older machines, one that works and is Affordable?

Thanks for reading my post and any information that you may have to share,


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I believe that in both cases, you're dealing with a Delphi type scanner. The pin configuration, where the scanner connects, would be the only limitation. If they're the same connection, then it should work.

My knowledge is just scanners in general. I don't own this particular machine, nor the scanner. But I can't see how it could be different.

Unfortunately I have no idea where the plug is to check. Find the plug, and check the pin configuration. Compare against the two models. 

If you're waiting on the factory for any meaningful guidance. You might be in for a long wait, ending up with very little useful information. Although the factory has helped a couple of folks. In general they're known for being less than helpful. 

 As you've already seen, there's very little definitive information on this topic. And there's lots of people here who could really use this information.

Please share any information that you find, as this is one of the most sought after topic on this forum. 

Good luck in your search!

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Thank you for responding and I think I am finding some answers to my question. I know that the TS301 is designed to Interface with the Delphi ECU and it's suppose to come with the Adapter for the Harness Cable connection, plus two other adapters for other Engines/Makes. I called Hisun Customer service and after a few minutes of being on hold the young lady there came back with the answer that I hope is right. She said that this unit is compatible with the 2015-Current year, the TS301 manufacturer updates the software that you can download from their site to keep it current. I stuck my neck out and ordered a TS301 and should have it by the middle of next week. Now my machine is one sick puppy but I will try this unit on my machine and see how that goes but if I have trouble I'll try it on my son 2016 MSU500 that's in good shape.

  I will report back whatever I learn and hopefully it will be Good news. Then the biggest drawback to some might be the $350.00 price tag, though for Test/Diagnostic equipment that didn't seem, Gulp, Overly pricey to me.

Again thank you for your feedback and I'll post, in the near future,


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It does seem a hundred or so overpriced. And it's likely the main reason others here haven't tried it. Or at least, none that I'm aware of. It's an expensive gamble, with little information to make an informed guess on the success probability. 

If they have, they didn't post it here. And that's a shame. But by no means uncommon for any internet forum.

If you have any experience with scanners, then you know their significant shortcomings.

A code reader like were discussing, typically only puts you on the scent of the problem. And usually requires more detective work to narrow it down. This industry, as well as the automotive industry could certainly improve that.

At any rate, I fully expect that it'll work just fine for your purpose. Keep us posted, and share your success story with us. We love pictures too! 

Best of luck in your project!

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