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2007 Polaris Ranger XP cough at 3/4 to full throttle


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I have a 07 700Xp Ranger, 320hrs, the machine started to develop a cough at 3/4 to full throttle. The Machine runs perfect other than that, and will cruise down the road at 5900 RPM with no issue. If you stomp the gas from idol or low RPM it wont start the issue until the RPMS get above 5K, if you running 3-4K it will do it as soon as the throttle reaches 3/4 open. I have changed the plugs and read them, look slightly lean but not bad. No codes except and code its had since I owned it for the transmission. Tested fuel pressure, its right on, looked for air leaks around the boot, found none. I also changed the belt just to make sure it wasn't a slipping issue that the tach didn't show it getting to the rev limiter. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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Just started it a few weeks ago, I did notice an issue with voltage to the battery this weekend, suspected the voltage regulator bat was 12.4V when i started the machine it went to 11.8 and would only come up to 12.2 at 3000 RPM. No starting issues though! I took the VR off and tried to get a new one but Polaris was out, so I put it back on and it was charging normally again, but still popping. I also noticed that tach shows it idling at 970RPM but sounds more like 6-700 RPMs to me. I got a new VR coming this week. hoping it fixes  all the issues... 

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After re-reading your original post, I see you've considered the limiter. If the VR doesn't fix the problem. I'd wonder if it's a gummed up fuel system? Since there's no codes, and very low hours.

I've found, that if it starts, and runs, and that's the problem, then there's hope of it self cleaning, by running it enough.

I'd try adding some seafoam, and run it, see if it improves after a tank of fuel, or so. 

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