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roll cage cracked/broke


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well when i rolled due to the steering shaft issue and landed on the side it cracked the front roll bar at the A pillar, were the small bar is welded to the hoop, it is cracked about 80% of the way around the weld and tore about 1/4 inch in the tube. Funny thing is that it was resting on the roof rack while on its side so you think it would cave that in ,break the studs or something but no. It may have been from the load placed on it due to the roof rack and puling the cage. Its kinda scary that it came apart, but hey it did its job @ 40 mph and a new roll bar is being shipped today

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I plan on reinforcing my roll cage. Just havn't done it yet. Glad you didn't get hurt. Crashes are always a little scarry. Fortunately we walk away from most.


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