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Oregon UTV areas

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Well; I must say that Oregon is really not that friendly toward off road vehicles. Most of the off road areas have excluded class 2 vehicles. Motorcycles and ATVs have many areas to go; but they put those posts in the ground 50 inches apart to keep UTVs out. (I've heard that a Razor can fit through; but still not actually "legal" in these areas) The only "legal" areas I have found (so far) are in Christmas Valley Sand Dunes in Central Oregon and the Oregon Dunes Rec Area on the coast around Coos Bay. Both are very fun places. Christmas Valley is desolate. There is nothing very close there; but that also keeps the crowds away. Oregon Dunes on the Coast is a VERY awsome place to ride with MILES of sand to rip through. I hope in the future they will open more areas. I have to drive 90 minutes to get to Christmas Valley; and 6 hours to get to the Coast. All I keep hearing however is that with time it will become MORE restricted!

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That does remind me of one time; my wife and i went up into the Cascade Range and found an area where we saw some Jeeps in the "snow park" parking lot. I asked one of the guys if it was legal to ride there. He told me it was; and that it was a 5 mile loop. So I unloaded the Trooper and we took off on the trail. Within a 100 yards or so; it started getting rocky; and the rocks got bigger and bigger. It was a trail; but pretty difficult and steep. We went in about a mile; and i turned around because it was all "Lava" flow; and some of the edges were really sharp. Here's the area in this picture. I wanna say also that I LOVE that the Trooper is EFI. We were at about 7500 feet elevation. My Honda Rincon would barely even run at that altitude; but the Trooper ran fine.


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