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2021 Coleman UT400 no start, brake lights, turn, gear indicator, starts by jumping selenoid


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Hi, I'm a mechanic and am at a loss for a customer's 2021 UT400. This thing only got used for the end of the summer, only has 3.3 hours on it.

So far I've found:

No start - starter switch works, relay in relay/fuse box clicks. Solenoid is operating as it should, no signal to  solenoid to start. Starts and runs when I hard-jump the solenoid.

No F or R lights on dash - N lights up, and goes off when shifted into either gear

No brake lights - tested switch, it works as it should

No turn signals

Parking brake light is on - switch is working correctly, doesn't change status


All connectors are secured, no wires look out of place. I have an incredible dislike for HiSun equipment. Every one I've dealt with has been full of gremlins. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Would this be something wrong with the dash? Or the relay/fuse box? or both? I don't want to contact Coleman and have them send a bunch of stuff that won't fix it, especially with how long electronic stuff takes to get these days. The last warranty I did for them was a go-kart that shelled the drive shaft bearings and it took 4 months for them to send us the parts.

Any help or knowledge would be much appreciated!

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  • Alex changed the title to 2021 Coleman UT400 no start, brake lights, turn, gear indicator, starts by jumping selenoid

Thanks. I've completely disassembled the keyswitch. It is a simple 3 post unit, and all contacts are working.


The newest issue is now that the F and R lights are working, and P-brake indicator turns off when they are on, but when you use the turn signal, no signal lights, but the P, F, and R will blink out with the turn signal. I'm going to go through connections under the seat again, maybe something came loose. It is starting to act more like a  grounding issue, but I can't find any chassis grounds on this thing. So frustrating.

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Solved the problem. One of the connector insulators had slipped back and touched the frame, blowing the F2 fuse in the relay box. When I tested the fuses, all fuses tested good. I decided to go back in and pull all the fuses and re-check them. Found F2 was blown. The first check, I just checked across the fuse as it sat in the box. Of course, with the contact grounding out against the frame, it was showing the fuse was making continuity. So, I inadvertently found the issue and fixed it by undoing all the wire ties, basically. Now to button everything up properly so it doesn't happen again. I really don't like the cable management on these things (or any "chinese" units, for that matter). At least I got it figured out.


Thanks again for the manual

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Thanks for your hard work and determination to find the problem. My  problem is that when the temperature dips under 50 degrees, my Coleman 550 acts like the battery is dead and no electrical activity at all. The battery is at full charge. It only has 15 hours on it and the same thing happened last winter. Above 50 degrees, starts every time.  Very frustrating needless to say. Question is--- Could a short like that be affected by temperature?

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I also have a 2021 coleman 400,

My only problem is my turn signals.

When turning left or right or 4way flashers

The light on the dash the arrow lights blink super fast and dim as do the lights in front rear or 4way as I walk around utv 

Any ideas or helpi appreciate  thank you

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