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Battery holder issue


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During this winter storm we had I went to get my 550 out of the garage and take a look around.  Battery was just a little too weak to turn it over.  So took off the hood and much to my suprise the battery holder had slipped and pulled the cap off the left banks of the battery.  If you haven't messed with it, it's a metal bar with a J bolt on each side.  The problem looks to be that these J bolts do not run parallel to each other, but at an angle.  Took the damn thing off (since every time I tried to tighten it, the cap would pop off again) and will attempt to fashion something else to secure the battery

Anyone else had this issue?

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2 hours ago, Bill Hughes said:

Number 1. Throw away the factory battery (actual trade in for core deposit)  and spend $80 for a sealed AGM motorcycle battery which has no caps and need no maintenance. 

Number 2. Put a nice rubber pad between that metal bar and the battery. 

Number 3. Clamp-er down and forget battery problems for the next 3 years.


Thanks - going to see what I can find here at work today and probably change that battery out come Spring.

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