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Massimo buck 250 loud knock on start up

Jason Dickman

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New to the forum and hope someone can help. My buck 250 gold cart is about 2 years old and recently it has this very loud cringe worthy knocking sound. Only when engaging the starter and also seems like the starter gets suck in the process a little. Once it fires up it sounds fine. I called Massimo about 30 times but no one answers any of their phone lines :( Any one have any idea what this loud knock noise is being caused by during the engaging of the starter? I uploaded a short YouTube video so you can hear it as well >> 

Thank you in advance for any help in diagnosing the issue.

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typical of Massimo tech line.... NO ANSWER, NO CALL BACK... They are truly the worst company in the business .. And forget finding a shop to do warranty work............. I wish someone had told me before I bought one.   that sounds like a starter issue  to me . loose bolt, damaged gear  teeth, misaligned ..   check bolts, Remove the starter and check the teeth on drive gear 

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