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Trooper height


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How tall is a trooper on stock or 26 inch tall tires ? if someone can give me a number at the light bar and maybe at the roll bar. Thanks, i store mine at a friends and its hard to get there sometimes, but looked at a trailer today butit has 6 foot door, need to know if the trooper will fit into it

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ERV JR on 27" tires your looking at 6f.7" with the light bar up, on the rollbar the without the spare it's 6.2"

Cheers Mike

Are these posted numbers or is this what it measures at ? If this is the case then the trailer may not work for me, I am around 6/1 and standing in the doorway my hair was touching. i have 26 "tires so overall height should be 1/2' shorter. maybe letting out the aiir in the tires , or maybe straping the susp down and then driving in would work

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EVR JR, I measured again and the highest point without the light bar is the spare tire mount without the spare tire and this time I got 6/1 on 27s so you might just scrape in. In the manual it quotes the height at 1990mm which is 6/6 & a half so that would be with the light bar

Cheers Mike

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