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Rack & Pinion

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IMHO a better quality rack would help! I plan to upgrade mine ASAP when I have the time. Figure that statement out! Hint: Some one else keeps adding things to my to-do-list. I am not saying who she is for fear of losing the keys to my Toys! LOL!

rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

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I'm still waiting for warm weather so I can go test my modifications, especially the steering, so far, it turns better, equal left and right, don't know for sure if I'm getting any tighter of a turn, but I'm sure I am in one direction. It feels tighter also and smooth too. I'm sure the shim I put in between the cap plate and the rack has helped and I recommend it. One concern I would have about changing racks is rack travel versus steering wheel rotation. The trooper can go much further than needed and must be adjusted to prevent going to far because of the CVs. I think what we have is pretty good. IMO

2940651590104282158ICXDBB_th.jpg The red areas appear to be where the pressure on the box happens, mine had galled and showed signs of wear, I don't believe that aluminum makes for a good bearing surface, so the shims I installed should make a better bearing material. As I put thicker shims in, could feel the hard meshing of the gears. Also as the rack pushes on the tie rods, they push the rack upwards and without the shims, the upward movement becomes play in the system.


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