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2018 Massimo msu500 No Start


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My  msu500 has around 200 hours on it. I started it last week put it in low and made it about 6 feet. there was a pop and dead engine. Tried starting it again and it spun really fast and free. Well I started at the top tearing it down and what I’m seeing is the timing gear broke. Everything looks good other than the timing gear and I’m missing two pieces that now of course I have to tear the whole engine down to find lol. Has anyone had this happen? This thing has been a colossal piece of garbage since I’ve owned it. My dad bought it brand new and I got it with around 20 hours on it.

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If the timing gear broke that is on the camshaft there is no need to take apart the entire engine.  Take the Stator cover off and the flywheel, take off the timing chain adjuster off, put a new chain (if you want) and install a new camshaft and gear.  should only take a few hours not a bad job at all.

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