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Massimo Buck 450 2022 Winch Remote Control

Bill Hughes

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Buck 450 wireless winch remote control. Opened up the winch relay control box. AS some reported for other models, there's a factory wireless receiver in there, but they won't sell you a remote for it. Easy to replace since it's on quick connects. Disconnect the factory receiver and replace. Amazon has a bunch of very similar units. I replaced it with this ($20) . took 15 minutes. Wiring is the same.
This photo is the inside of the winch relay control box located in the passenger side front wheel well.
No photo description available.
Two screws hold the relay box to the frame. Remove those and just turn the box around. 6 small screws on the back, Open it up, remove the factory receiver. I clipped off the screw tabs on the new receiver just to make it easier to slide into the case. Clipped the new receiver wires and added quick connect lugs.
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