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Looking for a side by side older less mobile people


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  • Alex changed the title to Looking for a side by side older less mobile people

As one of those older persons I understand the challenges you mention. I never pictured myself as the guy that would be driving a minivan, but we just bought our second, because they have a flat floor and are easy for the wife and I to get in and out of for us. That being said, the wife and I both have our own off-road machines a CanAm Commander(hers) and a Trooper 2 (mine) and because they are higher than cars they are easy enough for us to get into.  The individuals with the mobility issues need to physically try getting in and out of different UTVs. They may find it easier to get in and out of something like my T2 than a passenger car.  My wife and I had a Chevy Malibu that was hard for me to get in and out of and I would be in pain driving after 30-45 minutes,  but I have no issues with my T-2  or her Commander. I know all of the lines pretty much have a flat floor machine similar to the Polaris Rangers, so the best thing you can do is head out to the dealers and try getting in and out of different machines, like Travis stated. Or there is a better idea,  somewhere near you is an area where people congregate to ride, go there, talk to other people face to face, I think you'll find them friendly and willing to let you try getting in their machines without the pressure involved with being at a dealer. Good Luck, Dave.

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